Dec 19, 2013

Dear Members, Last Year for Advertisement in Planner we Collected Rs.5000 for One Page Advertisement. Kindly click here to view the 2014 - Planner design. . For Existing Active Member / Renewed Members For the benefit our Members who are in Manufacturer, National Distributor, Distributor Category, we are giving the following offer on advertisement in 2014 – Planner. Manufacturer, National Distributor - 1 Full Page and for Chapter Distributor - 1/2 Half Page Advertisement Free on our 2014 - Planner. This offer is valid only if their membership is active as on 31st December 2013. If the membership got expired, they can renew it to become active on or before 20th of December 2013. For Distributors, if they want to give full page ad, they need to pay the remaining cost of the Advertisement (Rs.3000). New Membership For Those Who are Joining Newly as Member in the Category of Manufacturer, National Distributor, Chapter Distributor Category, there will be discount offered from the Actual cost for the advertisement in the 2014 – Planner. The discount will be 25% on Actual Cost of the Advertisement. New members can avail the free offer for 2015 – Planner if their membership active as of 31st December 2014. The cost of advertisement for 2014 – Planner as follows: Full Page ----- Rs.6000 Half Page ---- Rs.3000 Design Should be provided by the company who gives the ad on our prescribed size. Last date for giving ad design and making the payment will be 24th December 2013. The Planner will be issued during 4th week of January 2014. For more info please call 91500 12345.